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Chi Kung (Qigong)

Chi Kung, also known as Qigong, has been practiced for thousands of years, and is generally thought of as an ancient Chinese exercise for health. This form of exercise can be practiced a number of ways; i.e., sitting, standing, lying down, with or without movement. All methods include a peaceful mental attitude with focus on some aspect of the exercise. The physical movement in Chi Kung is slow and controlled, with minimal tension needed for movement allowing for greater relaxation. There is no increase in heart rate or breath rate. Simply put, Chi Kung exercise is relaxed physical movement with a peaceful but focused mind.

Chi Kung literally means energy mastery. Chi is generally defined as energy or air. Kung means mastery; it can also mean work and study of energy for a long period of time.

There are two types of Chi Kung. These include external Chi Kung for muscular strength and endurance and internal Chi Kung for balancing the energy and strengthening the immune system for health.

The three schools of Chi Kung include Martial, Spiritual and Medical. Our main focus here is the Medical Chi Kung whose purpose is to achieve a state of energy balance for better health and longevity. Today Chi Kung is practiced mainly for its health benefits. Chi Kung exercises have been practiced for almost all physical and mental ailments and especially as a preventive measure against illness and disease.

One of the main keys to health is to boost and strengthen the body’s immune system. This is one of the aims of medical Chi Kung. When the immune system is weak then germs, bacteria, etc. can enter the body causing illness. When the immune system is strong, germs cannot enter the energy system and disease can be resisted. The Chinese Masters realized that if you want to avoid ailments, you must learn to balance and relax your thoughts and emotions. This “regulating the mind” is another aspect of Chi Kung training.

Chi Kung can be learned and practiced by anyone. You can easily learn specific routines of movement as well as exercises for particular organs and different illnesses. No previous knowledge is necessary to start taking Chi Kung classes, as it is so easy to learn. Seniors are finding many benefits from Chi Kung but remember, these exercises are for anyone at any age.

Tai Chi is a form of Chi Kung that involves more intricate movement and balance. Tai Chi or Chi Kung, should be started as soon as possible, to benefit your health and aid in achieving longevity.

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