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Tai Chi for Health

Although Tai Chi Ch’uan was created for the purpose of Martial Arts it is mostly practiced today for its tremendous health benefits.

The basic principle on which the health aspect stands is the concept of balance. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes that all illness and disease is a result of imbalance in the human energy system and that if a treatment or activity can bring ones energies into balance, healing will occur. TCM also believes that you must be active in maintaining this balance through proper diet, sleep and activity such as “Chi Kung” or “Tai Chi”. One of the most highly recommended activities for health is Tai Chi.

Tai Chi is a movement activity that can be simply defined as “relaxed physical movement with a peaceful but focused mind”. The intricate movements are connected in a specific sequence depending on which form you are learning. The different postures are linked together to allow a continuously smooth flow of energy throughout all parts of the body. Every muscle is exercised and energized in this low impact, posturally correct activity. The relaxed movements allow energy “Chi” to move unimpeded through the meridians (energy pathways) to all cells, organs, muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments.

Regular practice of Tai Chi helps one to balance the energy system to allow healing and prevent energy imbalances that may lead to illness or disease. Some of the early benefits of Tai Chi are the lowering or raising of blood pressure to normal levels, improved relaxation, lower stress levels, improved balance and dexterity, and better mind and body connection. Tai Chi can be learned by anyone at any age, seniors to young adults. My students who play tennis or golf have even found improvement in their game. Some of my senior students have shown much improvement in balance even to the point of being able to walk across ice without a problem.

In practicing Tai Chi you should dedicate some time, about 10 minutes a day to do your form. When learning you should also practice what you learned each day.

Tai Chi can be an important part of your personal health program.

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